Monday, May 30, 2011

Crusader Critters!

Awhile back someone posted a lesson their students were working on, based on "Ugly Dolls"..............Wish I noted who it was because I LOVE the idea and had never heard of these cute Ugly Dolls before.  (If it was you, let me know.  Big Thanks!)
I used the idea and my 7th grade students made their own dolls and took them out around campus and took pics to create picture books starring their dolls.  The school mascot is a Crusader, so rather than Ugly Dolls, these cuties are called "Crusader Critters".

*Update: Found my inspirer...HerDabbles, thanks bunches for giving me this idea:)

Thanks North County Christian 7th Grade Crusaders!

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Stephanie Melachrinos said...

Crusader Critters love pizza!

The zebra fabric makes for an especially striking sewn buddy, and the photos around campus are so fun.

My friend Emily was first introduced to Uglydolls during student teaching when her cooperating teacher gave her one as a gift. She then created a lesson for first graders and shared it with me. I've taught the lesson twice now. We use paper, crayons, torn paper towels, and glue to make our first-grade-friendly versions.