Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love Sign.....

Disclaimer:  This project was done with a group that was all girls.  (You probably already figured that out.)  We used pencil, then traced in sharpie marker then added watercolor paints.

Step 1: Use the middle of the page as beginning reference point, then draw an "O" slightly above and left of middle.
Step 2:  Draw a "V" that starts at the bottom of the "O" then bring its right side all the way up, n with top of "O".
Step 3:  Draw the "L" and the "E", then outline the word so it looks like a sign.
Step 4: Brainstorm with kids different pictures and symbols that can be used to decorate letters.  We also talked about how to include decorations that don't completely "fit" inside the letters.
Step 5: Draw decorations, then paint with watercolors.

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Suzie said...

Thanks for a great idea!