Friday, July 15, 2011

Van Gogh Chair - 3D

Here's Van Gogh's Chair to go with Van Gogh's Sunflower 3D lesson.  Again, thanks Anne from Use Your Coloured Pencils for inspiring this idea with her Van Gogh Pop-Up Chair lesson.

Each student was given one black paper and 2 white papers.
First step we did was place 2 whites evenly in center of black paper, then folded up the bottom of the papers all at the same time.  (I think the paper was 5x7" and we folded up 3"?)
After that, cut two slits in one white paper on the fold to make pop-up chair seat.
Then we drew and colored chair and background on first white paper, then drew and colored floor and wall on white paper with slits cut for chair.
Then we drew floor and wall on 2nd white paper in area that shows through the back, when white papers are placed on top of one another.
Last, glue white papers onto black background.
 Example of front white paper and background white paper.  Below is what they look like when placed on top of one another.

The little chairs looked so cute on the book shelves in the classroom:)  Thanks bunches Flamson 6th graders!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Curious?

Last year, summer lesson art project.

How many of us teach art lessons/camp 
during the summer?

I've taught art lessons in my garage during the past 3 summers, but this summer I was on call for "jury duty" in June, so I couldn't schedule any lessons.  I must admit I've enjoyed the time off, but not teaching goes with less income..........oh well........

Just curious if you teach art during the school year, AND summer too?  If you do, my hat goes off to you!!

I love kids, but honestly there are times when I revel in not being around other people's children.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Van Gogh Sunflowers- 3D

Vincent van Gogh, Vase with 12 sunflowers, 188...Image via Wikipedia
Thanks Anne from Use Your Coloured Pencils for inspiring this idea with her Van Gogh Pop-Up Chair lesson.  We did the chairs too, they were fun!

This was a simple lesson, but it took longer than I thought it would because the kids got into the coloring of their backgrounds.
Each student was given 1 black, 6"x9" paper, and 1 white 5"x7" & 1 white 4"x6" papers.
First they placed 5x7" white in center of black, and folded up the bottom 1/3 of the papers together.  (Then put black paper aside til later.)
Next make 2 cuts on fold of 5x7" white paper to make the 3D shelf which will hold the vase of flowers in front of the background.
On smaller sheet of white paper, students draw vase and flowers, then cut and glue onto shelf.  (Tell kids to use up whole piece of paper for their vase and flowers, otherwise it'll be too small.)
Last, glue white background onto black background.

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