Saturday, May 7, 2011

Illuminated Verses


We talked about Illuminated Lettering and I used information assembled by Amy Bruce, which I found here on TishaLou's Adventures of an Elementary Art Teacher.  You can also find great examples of fancy letters on this site too.

Most importantly though, we watched this video about Makoto Fujimura and his recent work of art titled The Four Holy Gospels.  
The students were truly inspired and I believe it shows in their art.  I feel so lucky to have these beautiful verses up on my art room walls!!

Each student chose their own verse.  Wrote it in pencil first, then traced pencil with black sharpie and decorated with colored sharpies.  Lastly they added gold acrylic highlights and mounted on black paper.  The paper used was donated to the school years ago and looks like parchment.  Unfortunately it had a bit of a waxy surface, vellum, so the sharpies bled around a bit, but I think they're still gorgeous:)

Thanks No. Co. Christian students!
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Marcia Beckett said...

Those look gorgeous! well done.

tishalou said...

These are SO Beautiful -Great job! glad you could use the info...