Monday, April 12, 2010

Until Later.....

God's beautiful earth is showing off these days here, on the California Central Coast, with a massive wildflower display. Here's my son contemplating the scenery last week in an area called Shell Creek.

Hope you're enjoying your spring!

I'll be gone for a few weeks..............see you on the flip side!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you feeling lucky?

My blogger friend, Sarah, is hosting a "Giveaway"! She makes beautiful, charming jewelry and you might be her next lucky winner...Oooooh, imagine your wrist wearing this bracelet:)
Why am I sharing this? Well, months ago I was the lucky winner of one of Sarah's giveaways and I love wearing the jewelry she sent me... a) Because it's beautiful, and b) because whenever I wear it I'm reminded that good things really do happen, sometimes when we least expect it.

So now it's your turn --- Good luck!!! (And if you win, by all means, I'd love to hear the good news!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Egyptian Art Book- PDF Download

Our 6th grade students study Egypt in Social Studies, so I decided to create a PDF art lesson, which you can purchase here for $6! Directions include drawing instructions for a Mummy Cat, Egyptian Eye, Scarab Beetle, Asp Snake, and Pyramid Landscape. The lessons are super easy to incorporate into a typical busy school day. No special materials needed. With the step by step directions, teachers without any arts background will feel comfortable teaching these directed drawing lessons, or copy the directions for groups of students and they can even do them on their own!

Big thanks to Santa Rosa Elementary 6th graders!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Super Cute Bunny Card!

This super cute bunny is a foldable card. My dear friend, Evie, sent a cardstock template for it - knowing I'd love it. (Want to know how she knew I'd love it? She's 83 years old and she's got the wisdom to prove it!) Below is its shape before being folded. I used regular printer paper because I was in a hurry to get this post up.....the clock is ticking and bunny time is expiring soon...., but if you have cardstock that would be best.
And, if you want, you can even write a fun message on the bunny flaps:)

I traced Evie's template and made it into a PDF, you can download it here. If you make your own, I'd LOVE to see it -- I can just imagine how you'd creatively make yours special with colors, glitter, whatever.

Your download will look like this:

And now I'm going to pass along the message Dear Evie sent to me in her cute bunny card...these same sentiments I send to you - Happy Easter!
May the miracles of spring, bring you peace & happiness...
And the season of Easter inspire you...
And the joy of the Lord dwell in your heart all year!

Maybe you want to sell some lessons?

Have you heard of "Teachers Pay Teachers"? My mom sends me newspaper clippings when she sees something I might be interested in...(aren't moms the GREATEST!)...and she sent me an article on this business about 5 months ago. I put my PDF art lessons on their website, and they've been selling. Unfortunately Teachers Pay Teachers takes more of a commission than the company (PayLoadz) I use for selling the same PDF's on this blog and my website, but I'm grateful for the sales just the same.

If you're thinking about selling some of your art lesson ideas, you may want to check out the site--- If I can use it, believe me, it's user friendly! (It was time consuming to upload, but easy to navigate. I did have to set aside a couple of late nights to put up 8 lessons. But once they're up, you don't have to do a thing.)

And, guess what (I promise I didn't know this before I decided to write this post, it's true) if you sign up as a "seller" and use this in the Promo Link box

Teachers Pay Teachers will pay me 5% of your sales for your first two years of selling, for referring you to their site. Seriously, I didn't know this before I just went to the site during this post.....Wow, 5% isn't much, but I know you have fantastic lessons that would definitely sell and every now and then I might be buying myself a frozen yogurt and saying at the cash register -- "Thank you fellow teachers, this scoop is on you."

Whether or not you use my promo link, I hope you'll consider this avenue for reaching more teachers. And please let me know if you do!