Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pinwheels for PEACE

Yea, this year my school participated in Pinwheels for Peace!!!
It was so worth the time and effort.


Next year I'll need to figure out a better way to attach our large, laminated pinwheels to the sticks.  Everyone of them came apart b/c the pin couldn't hold them together......  I've seen some schools use pipe cleaners and beads, maybe I'll try that method?
Check out the Pinwheels for Peace website gallery.  It's very inspiring!

What a great event - Big thanks to the 2 art teachers in Florida who 
started the project approx. 7 years ago.

P.S. Side Note - See the beautiful building in the 2nd photo?  That's our City Hall that was ruined in the earthquake we had in 2003.  It's finally being rebuilt, you can see scaffolding.  The quake happened on Dec. 21st and we're so thankful the kids were not in school.  One middle school was condemned after the quake.  Now it's been rebuilt and it's literally the safest building in the whole county 
to be, if (when) there's another earthquake.