Saturday, February 16, 2013

SeaLife Art

My high school students finished their "zentangle" version of my Sea Life MEGA Poster and I love the way it turned out.  
They do to:)

Our school colors are Red and Black, so that's why they outlined the subjects with red and did the zentangling with black.  Next time I tell them to outline their subjects with a thick red line.  The thick red lines around the subjects look better than the ones with a thin red outline.
Funny how some students don't like making zentangles?  I consider it such a huuuuuuge luxury to sit down and have the time to make a zentangle and they consider it a chore.  Oh well, that's what makes our planet more interesting - we have our differences:)

Here's a link to the MEGA Poster PDF at my Teacher's Pay Teachers store.  Of course it can be colored traditionally too, and even 1st graders can do this project.

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