Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pop Art

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*Note, small glitch, if you tried to purchase my Andy Warhol PDF lesson this morning of 2/26/10, the transaction was stopped by PayLoadz b/c the number of downloads exceeded my account level for this month. My PayLoadz acct. is now upgraded and all future transactions will go through, no problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do your kids love Pop Art as much as mine do? Something about Pop Art seems to resonate with "every" child each time I do a Pop Art lesson.

For this lesson, the students created 3 different drawings on small 4" x 4" pieces of white computer paper. Then they chose one of the drawings to use as their master for creating 4 prints inside 4 quadrants of a 9" x 9" piece of white construction paper.

Here are instructions for the lesson below, but if you'd like more precise instructions, with blackline masters and another version to use with younger kids...Check out my "Andy Warhol/ Crayon Pop Art Lesson" available as a PDF download. It also includes student friendly background information about Andy Warhol and Pop Art.

Each student will need the following materials:
3 pieces of 4x4" computer paper
1 piece of 9x9" white construction paper
Black Sharpie for tracing.
Crayons, pastels, or markers for coloring.

Step 1 - Using a 4x4" paper, first they each drew a CRAYON, following my directed drawing lesson on the board. Then they each drew a SOUP CAN, again following my directed drawing lesson on the board. Lastly, they created their own drawing of a "popular" object.

Step 2 - Students chose one of their drawings and created 4 prints of it on their 9x9" construction paper. To make the prints, students slanted pencil and filled the backside of their drawing with lead. Then turned the drawing over and traced it with pencil onto the construction paper.

Step 3 - Students traced that print with black marker.

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all four quadrants of the sqaure have an image drawn in black.

Step 5 - Color.

Really big thanks to Mrs. Venn's students at Flamson Middle School!
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