Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asian Koi Fish

Koi fish feeding frenzyImage by jcolman via Flickr

The students were learning about how Chinese immigrants saved the day when it came to building our railroad out west, so I decided to it was time for some Asian art. Steps:
Use white pastel (crayons will work too, just not as dramatic) to draw the outline of a Koi fish on blue construction paper. Here are simple drawing instructions.
Draw back fin, and the top of the body.

Add the bottom of the body.

Add the nose, and fins.

Add the eyes.

2. After adding the eyes, the students trace their white outline, very gently with a black pastel.
3. Then the students outline random blotches with orange pastel, and color the blotches in with orange, yellow, and red.
4. Lastly the students color in the white, and added some white waves in the background.

Thank you Flamson students in Ms. Brosette's 8th grade class!!!!
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Anonymous said...

These turned out so well, I think it's so important for teachers to model how they draw from life, it helps students develop their own skills too.

Aleks Kos said...

Greetings from Poland