Monday, March 15, 2010

Miro People

Ciphers And Constellations In Love With A Woma...Image by kamikazecactus via Flickr

I finally got to teach this MIRO PEOPLE art lesson. Big thanks to Deep Space Sparkle and Miss Tabarcea for sharing their Miro art lesson examples.
We used black crayon to outline. (Sorry kids, no pencil first.....Can you teachers hear the audible "awwwww" right now?) Then painted with watercolors.

See the nifty little watercolor palette to the right of the artists above and below? These are so easy to store and something about their tiny round size makes me think the kids treat them a bit more carefully than the usual box sets they're used to. They're currently priced @ $1.29 and I got them here.

Thank you Santa Rosa Academic Academy students!!
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