Sunday, February 28, 2010

Designer Olympic Rings

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Oops, better late than never, probably not on this one?
I'd intended to post this project earlier, alas, it's now the last day of the Olympics! (Oh well, maybe it'll come in handy in 2 years during the summer Olympics?)

Steps for creating Designer Olympic Rings:

First Copy one page of rings for each child. Here's a PDF for you to download.
1. Color the rings, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green. (We also traced black around the edges to make the rings standout better against the background.)
2. Draw black line designs on white background paper.
3. Cut out rings.
4. First glue top of black ring slightly above the center of background paper. Then glue top of blue and red ring on either side of black ring. (Only the tops of the rings should be glued down so that the yellow and green rings can slide through the bottoms.)
5. Cut a slit in yellow ring, slide it through the blue and black ring, then glue it down.
6. Cut a slit in green ring, slide it through the red and black ring, then glue it down.

7. Add a color background paper.

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Big thanks to San Gabriel Elementary artists in Mr. Eaton's, Mrs. Sherer's and Mrs. Havemann's classes!

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