Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An artful SPRING...

Fancy letters are always a hit with kids.....and we decided to honor spring by making the word artful.

For this lesson we first talked a bit about "Illuminated Lettering" - for great information about real illuminated lettering lessons visit TishaLou (yes, she and I have the same first name AND her married name is my maiden name!) and Amy Bruce's awesome lesson here.

Our version wasn't quite so illuminated (yep, little Mr. Time troll squinted his beady eyes at me while planning and said you're only going to have enough time to draw and color), but I think they turned out lovely, just the same.

6x9" white construction paper
3x4" white construction paper
colored pencils or markers

Step 1 - Draw a large "S" on the 3x4" white paper, then decorate with designs and colors. I showed students on the board how to make their decorations appear behind the "S" by jumping over the "S" when drawing their designs, instead of crossing in front of the "S". I also gave the students a few copies of fancy "S's" (ha, I've never typed "S's" before....took me a minute to figure it out) from this site that was shared by Kathy Barbro on her fabulous blog with amazing art lessons.

Step 2: Glue large "S" onto background paper, write the rest of the word, and decorate.

Thanks lots San Gabriel Elementary 4th and 3/4 combo class!!!!

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tishalou said...

Cool!! Thanks for the link. This reminds me of a 1st grade lesson I do where we write a SPRING acrostic poem and mount it with a sunset/tree silhouette painting. It is on my que after they finish their butterflies. I saw a really cool book of celtic lettering at Joann Fabric's today - it was a little pricy - I should have noted the author. It has lots of sample texts.