Friday, February 19, 2010

Sci-Fi Art

'portadaImage by vivir_descalzo_mx via Flickr

To go with science fiction studies, here's an alien landscape art project.
We used:
9x12 tan construction paper
white crayon
and 3"x4" piece of scratch paper for the practice alien.

First I did a directed drawing lesson and students used a "white crayon" because it wouldn't show later under the pastels. (If they made a mistake, they could leave it there.) We drew horizon line, front & back mountains, then spaceship.
Next, students were given a 3"x4" piece of scratch paper to practice drawing an alien with their pencil. The size of the paper helped them make the alien proportionate to the background. Then students drew their alien onto the main paper with white crayon.
Then kids filled in their art using pastels, and lastly added the white pastel to make the spaceship look like it's travelling.

Thanks bunches to Sra. Velasco's Flamson Middle School 7th graders!

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Sarah Of Sweden said...

Great works. I like them.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog via The Crafty Crow and I love it! Its fantastic. This project is amazing and I cant wait to see the rest. Thanks for making such a great blog. I am doing lots of hands on arts and crafts projects with my daughter and you have given me great inspiration! Jessie at

Tisha Smith said...

Thanks Sarah!, You mentioning you like my students' Sci-Fi art means oodles to me...I always like my students' art, but when someone else says they like it - my heart beams!

Tisha Smith said...

Oh Jessie, You've made my day saying my blog has been inspiring. If your daughter does any of the projects from here, and if you get pics of them, I'd just love to see them:) Now I'm going to pop over to your blog, can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...