Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky Me!

A package came in the mail with LOTS of stamps on it. Lots of stamps means good things, right?

Well, it was a good thing....I'm a Winner!!! I entered a blog "giveaway" and won this absolutely beautiful necklace made by Sarah from Sweden. She delicately wove gold wire into a circular design about the size of a quarter and attached glimmery pink swarovski crystals. Isn't it beautiful?! I love it!!!!

Her Etsy store, Sarah's Creations, just re-opened, but you better act fast because I'm certain her jewelry will sell quick. (I think her "Eve-Necklace" is my favorite, but it's hard to choose.)

Thank you, Thank you Sarah:)


Hope Chella said...

Congrats!!!! I'm sure your students will like your new bling. They seem to keep track of everything I wear :)

Tisha Smith said...

Ha, you're so right, Hope! Yes, I've already had little girls tell me how much they like it. They never miss a beat when it comes to what we're wearing!

Sarah Of Sweden said...

Thank you Tisha.