Thursday, February 2, 2012

Socks for Kinders

Thanks to Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists for this lesson idea.
My kinders loved making their matching socks.
 After I read, A Pair of Socks to the students, we played a game of "Match the Socks".  I held a bag of socks and the students took turns pulling one sock out of the bag.  After they pulled their sock, they had to see if its match had already been pulled.  If it wasn't they put their sock down next to the other socks already pulled.  We really studied what made the socks identical which would mean it was a "match".

Students were given a white paper with 2 sock outlines drawn on it. 
They cut, colored, then glued the socks onto background. 
Then glued on title.

This is the book recommended by Mrs. Knight:

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Hope Hunter Knight said...

I love the matching game idea - what a fun way to end the lesson. Glad they liked it - so cute.