Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Collaborative Art Projects

Wow, I loved getting all the great feedback on my question about selling kids' art.  Lots of helpful input!
I especially like the ideas where you have your students do collaborative art, then sell it.  I think I can do that........
Any pics/ ideas out there for collaborative artworks?
I'm thinking maybe a school of fish or birds in an outdoor setting, flowers, boats on a lake, animals, etc.?????
If you've had your students create a collaborative artwork where the finished product is small enough to be framed, it would be great to see it:)
Thanks again for sharing!  I LOVE Art Teachers!

Wow, I'm seeing tons of great ideas for collaborative art that is being made and sold at various school fundraisers.......  Thanks again for sharing your ideas.  If you have more ideas, please comment and I'll add the link to this post:)
Marcia Beckett shares her students' cool printing art here & school of fish and super great stool here.  (I love the stool art, no doubt it went to a lucky person at the auction.)

I also found this blog showing many art projects created for the Beverly Cleary School 2009 Auction.  Love the Peace Dove, and the origami art.

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Marcia Beckett said...

Here are ones we've done in the past:


and the year before:

This year we are going to do a "circle painting" which has been very popular on the blogs lately: