Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cubism Cats

Big thanks to Marcia Beckett and her "Art is Basic" blog for posting
this Cubist Cat lesson.

My 3rd graders enjoyed it lots!
During the first class, I gave a directed drawing lesson for the cat.  After drawing in pencil, students traced w/ black marker.
Then in second lesson students added shapes by making lines with a ruler.  Then they colored in the shapes.


Marcia Beckett said...

awww! I love the cats! Thanks for linking back to me :)

Clemencia said...

Hi, I have awarded your blog the Versatile Blogger Award! Come get it at my blog

Anonymous said...

I just gave you the versatile blogger award!

Cathy Walker said...

Cute! Cubism art also depict in some Italian centerpieces modern designs.