Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Polar Bears

Saw a great, simple polar bear pic on Artsonia.  What I liked about it was the way the artist put green and purple in the background, and put green and purple in the white fur of the bear.  When I showed my students my example, with green and purple in the fur too, we talked about how beautiful the fur can look with more than just the color white and how the colors of the sky can be reflecting in the white fur.  My students had lots of fun choosing their sky colors and then adding it to the fur.
We used chalk pastels on light blue construction paper.
1.  Draw bear and facial features with white chalk.
2.  Draw white fur using little strokes in the direction that the fur would actually grow.
3.  Choose background colors, color background and blend chalk colors w/ finger.
4.  Add little bit of background colors to fur in bear.
5.  Add more white fur on top of colors, and blend with finger.

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