Monday, December 5, 2011

Snowy Trees

"Snowy Trees" Art Project (Re-post from a couple years ago)

Materials needed: black paper ( mine is 9x12"), oval template, white chalk, tissue, white paint (tempera or acrylic), comb

Place template on black paper and use the side of the chalk, pushing from the template off the side onto black paper.

Use tissue to gently smear the chalk.

Lift off template and draw a wavy line for the snow.

Color in the snow.

Make dotted lines for tree trunks.

Draw branches.

Place picture in box to protect the area from paint splatters. (This step can also be done on a large piece of butcher paper.)

Dip comb into paint, and splatter paint by rubbing thumb against the comb as shown in picture at the top.

All Done!!


Miss said...

Great winter-y project, perfect for December. I taught this to my Grade 6's last year and they commented that it looked like a portal into another galaxy! lol

~Beth D. said...

thanks for sharing. this is so cool!