Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Negative shapes in art

Oops, where did I see this one?  Thinking it was MaryAnn Kohl, but I could be wrong?
Anywho, loved the lesson and the kids did too.  (Of course they did, can't say I've ever loved a lesson that the kids didn't like.)
I did this one with both Kinder and 2nd grade, not at the same time though.
After giving brief info. on the difference between positive and negative space in art, students were given 2 strips of blue tape approx. 6" long each.
Step one: kids tore tape and placed it on their paper
Step two: kinder kids drew many lines on their paper using colored markers, 2nd graders painted over tape and paper w/ watercolors.
Step three: peel off the tape.  ( I told kids to pretend they were slowly peeling off a band-aid from their best friend's knee and they needed to take it off slowly and carefully so it wouldn't hurt.)

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