Friday, October 7, 2011

Edible Sculptures

Thanks Pinterest!  Saw this idea on Pinterest and the original artist is Judith G. Klausner.  Yes, sculpting Oreo Cookie cream filling on a Friday afternoon works out just great in a high school art class.  Students figured out that the toothpick carved much "cleaner" lines when it was kept wet by licking it in between carvings.
(No one minded having to do this often :)


Kristyn DeMint said...

Wow...what a unique fun!

Christie - Fine Lines said...

Clever! I especially like the photos where kids sketched their final cookie result. I have found that a lot of learning goes on when I try drawing what I have sculpted or made.

Anonymous said...

Oh so cool! No wonder the kids loved it! Thanks for encouraging me to look for opportunities everywhere... grace