Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mobile Fun in 1st Grade

First Graders made a class mobile and the pictures don't do it justice.  It really is special hanging from the ceiling in the classroom. (I didn't get a pic of that, but you can trust me:)
2- 5"x5" pieces of white construction paper for ea. student.
markers, glue
one piece of wire for each student approx. 14" long
one large piece of wire bent into a wobbly circle shape & 2 pieces of wire attached to it to make a hanging hook, for the mobile base
hole punches to share
Share some info. about Alexander Calder.  Here's the book I used "Getting to Know the World's Great Artists - Alexander Calder".
Demonstrate drawing 2 abstract shapes on each piece of paper then gluing them back sides together, and hole punching, adding the wire in hole, and attaching to mobile base.
Warn students about treating wire VERY carefully, show that it can poke eyes and fingers and all need to be careful.  Get students to pinky-swear they'll be careful then set them loose on project.

Way to go NCCS 1st Graders!!

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