Thursday, August 12, 2010

What kids say!

Saw this in San Francisco at the De Young Museum this week, Renoir, Boy with Cat.
Next to me, mom says to her little girl, "Oh Kristin, look at this painting, it has a cat. I bet it's your favorite?" Little girl said, "I'd like it better if he had his underwear on."


Phyl said...

Cute comment. This painting is very un-Renoir-But I guess the soft looking body makes up for the lack of rosy pink cheeks (on his face!)?

Tisha Smith said...

Very good eye Phyl, you actually pegged the reason it was in the show called "Birth of Impressionism"! (I love that you got it!!)
Here's what was said about the painting. "This male nude has no equivalent in Renoir's work. ......Renoir painted it in 1868, a turning point for the artist who was still at the beginning of his career. ...."