Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool Geckos!

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This lesson came from "The Usborne Book of Art Skills" and kids love it. Step 1: Draw lizards with pencil on thick white paper.
Step 2: Trace all pencil lines with crayon or oil pastels.
Step 3: Watercolor the lizards and background.
(Here's a simple step by step lizard drawing tutorial.)
Add rainbow line connecting eyes.
2 fish hooks
Curvy toes on ends of fish hooks.
2 body lines with hooks at the end
Curvy toes.Big smile line for tail.

Add spots.

BIG Thanks to summer ARTISTS:
Keara, Ellie, Katelynn, Hobie, Isaac, Hannah, Michelle, Molly
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Laura said...

I am definitely putting this one on my "must do" list!

Anne Farrell said...

I really like these Usborne books too - I have the whole set in one book!