Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall means back to school - My 1st online class....

Fall foliage in Central Park, New York City (I...Image by Alaskan Dude via Flickr Have you been tempted by online classes taught/offered by fellow bloggers? I have, but never signed up....Until now! This one seems super fun (and it helped that I knew I had about $25 in my PayPal account jumping up & down saying "You've had me in here for awhile now, waiting for that something special on Etsy & you haven't found it -- so here I am, spend me now.").
Carla's sample worksheet sealed the deal, and I'll officially be a "student" again on Sept. 15th! Maybe you'll join me? Let me know if you do:)

P.S. I also signed up because Carla says the class is 10 min./day & if I don't take at least 10 min. a day to do something just for me this fall, I deserve those extra wrinkly furrows that will surely be added to my forehead!
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Tifani said...

I feel like you teased me. I thought you were going to say that YOU were offering online classes. That would be nice.

Tisha Smith said...

Wow Tifani! You know when someone says the right thing to you at just the right time? Well, that's what you did for me today.....your comment feels great and it's perfect timing:) (Hmmmmmm, maybe someday I'll offer an online class??? Time will tell)