Saturday, May 22, 2010

Still Lifes- Cezanne

Still life with a fruit-dish and applesImage via Wikipedia

Here's a lesson where my 6th graders this year at Flamson Middle School paid their respect to Cezanne.
Step 1 - show Cezanne still life examples and point out shadows, values, and tablecloth shadows.
Step 2 - put an upside down box on a desk in front of room, white table cloth on top, place vase and fruit.
Step 3 - students cut white table cloth, draw (add value on colored paper w/ crayons or pastels) and cut out vase and fruit, then glue onto background.
Step 4 - add lights and shadows w/ white and black crayon or pastels.

Thanks Flamson 6th grade artists!!!!!!
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Jacquelien said...

Great! What a good idea to cut the different parts and just colour the shades on them! Beautiful results!

Dana Leeds said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

blessdmomof4 said...

I came across your blog looking for a still life lesson. I know I will be back. This is a wonderful resource. I am a homeschooling parent and lead an art group for local homeschoolers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the beautiful work of your students!