Friday, June 19, 2009

What kids say.....

I was teaching 4th graders a lesson inspired by Paul Cezanne. Before the lesson I showed some Cezanne art and talked a bit about him. As usual, I pointed and repeated the correct pronunciation of his name (emphasizing "Say-Zahn")a couple of times, then told the class it was "their turn". I point to the name and they're supposed to say it in unison. Class get ready, I point, and everyone said slowly, "Paul Cezanne." Actually, not everyone said, "Paul Cezanne." One boy who sat the front row wasn't paying too close attention and instead he said, "Celine Dion." Say-Zhan?/Dee-Aahn? -- If you knew the child, you'd know as I did that he wasn't kidding. None of the other kids heard him, luckily.
Close enough, I guess???

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