Friday, June 5, 2009

Palm Tree Silhouettes

Palm tree silhouette lesson: Materials (blue and black crayon, watercolors)
With a blue crayon draw outline for horizon and mountains. Paint the sky yellow, orange, then red. Paint the sea yellow, orange, red, then blue. Paint the mountains blue.
Wait to dry, then draw on palm tree with a black crayon -OR- draw and color black palm tree on separate piece of paper, then glue onto painting.

San Gabriel Elementary Artists

Here's a simple directed drawing lesson for creating palm trees. The steps are all done by drawing dots and lines. (I always tell my students that my dots are BIG to help me teach the lesson, but their dots should be tiny, almost invisible.)

Start with 4 dots

Add tree trunk lines

Add a circle of 5 dots

Add 1 dot, far away, between first two dots in the circle.

Connect that dot to the circle, with 2 curved lines.

Repeat again, and again, ...

Until you have created all six leaves.

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These are fantastic! What a fun lesson for the summer. I'll be linking.

Tisha Smith said...

Thanks very much Rachel.