Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids Art, Matisse

Henri Matisse, French 1869-1954, "Interior with Egyptian Curtain, 1948"

This painting can be used as inspiration for students studying different countries and cultures. When Flamson 6th graders were studying India, we learned about the Indian "paisely" pattern, then students created their own version of Matisse's interior painting with a "Paisely Curtain". This lesson could be changed to whatever subject your students are studying. i.e. Interior with Colonial Period Curtain, Interior with African Curtain, Interior with Rainforest Animals Curtain, Interior with Spring Curtain, Interior with Winter Curtain, Interior with Multiplication Curtain,......the list is endless. Students benefit from the comfort of having the Matisse sample to copy, yet relish the freedom of creating their own designs on the curtain.

Flamson Middle School Artists, 6th Grade, Mrs. Moses

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Mary said...

I love the idea of giving them the framework to copy and then letting their imaginations take it to a new place.