Friday, November 13, 2015

Back in the Saddle!

I'm back in the saddle teaching "lots" of art lessons to "lots" of kids in a public school again, and it's feeling good!
One of the local elementary schools in my area was in need of a substitute art teacher for an undefined amount of time.  The current art teacher had to take a leave to care for her injured son.  My prayers are with her, I can only imagine the stressful situation she is living.

The school where I'm teaching is K-2nd grade, with 2 transitional kinder classes and there's a total of about 525 kids!  Are there any art teachers out there in a similar situation?  ALL primary grades at one school.   I still walk on the campus marveling at the notion that the "Big Kids" are only 2nd graders.  It makes me giggle.

Normally the smaller children are my biggest challenge, but this school has a designated art room, and it has made a huge difference.  In the past I taught art in the kids' regular classrooms, I would go to them.  I sure like having an art room better.  If you're teaching in a state where most of the elementary schools have "Art Rooms", you may not realize how lucky you are.  And for those of you who teach in a state where the elementary art teacher is on the same pay scale and benefit scale as the other classroom teachers, then you are especially lucky!!  I don't know of a single elementary school in my state of California where such is the case?  ------uh, oh, I may be boring you now with my soapbox banter.

What's your favorite art lesson for kindergartners?  A comment from you would be much more fun that scrolling through the bazillion ideas on Pinterest ;)

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Christie - Fine Lines said...

Congrats on having an actual art room -- it is SUCH a luxury!!!! Here is one of my favorite kindergarten lessons: