Thursday, March 5, 2015

Iditarod Art!

Does your class celebrate the Iditarod race in Alaska?  The race starts in TWO days, March 7.
Many years ago I was substitute teaching in a middle school classroom and the teacher left plans for the class to do an Iditarod Unit.  The kids really enjoyed it!  Who doesn't love Husky's?
One of my most popular art lessons I do with kids is painting a Siberian Husky.....I love the way that each dog ends up with its own personality when the kids finish their paintings!
If you'd like to do this project with your students, I have a Step-by-Step drawing and painting lesson in my store.  Here's a PDF version and a Power Point version.  Each are just $2.99.
Hope your students love it!


Selena Ze Arteest said...

Cute Husky painting ^-^

Unknown said...

Art classes like sketching and painting could improve our lives. Several educational institutions have qualified, professional trainers who educate each student the art's ABC's individually. Anybody can develop art skills when taught an easy-to-understand approach. Several basic classes result in immediate and consistent development - even for a kid as young as five years old. It only needs that the surroundings and curriculum inspire self-expression, educate traditional skills, show new and inventive ideas, and sensitive to the desires of the individual and to the dynamics of the class.

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Unknown said...

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