Saturday, March 2, 2013

Love this and I didn't even find it on Pinterest!  I say this because I've found myself going to Pinterest much more than blogs when looking for art lesson inspirations.  

Have you also found yourself going to Pinterest more than blogs?  (Hmmmm, this is a silly question because if it's "Yes", you're probably not seeing it because you're on Pinterest right now.)

In a way I feel like Pinterest has stolen me away from the beautiful bloggers whom I admire.  

Recently I decided to try to get back in the habit of visiting blogs instead of going for the quick searches on Pinterest.  I'd be bummed if blogging went away because others started doing what I've been doing.

So to all of you bloggers out there....please keep on 
blogging; I promise I'll keep visiting.

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Jen Carlisle said...

If you have a google account use the google reader (found under the more) section. I follow over 100 blogs (and keep my fav. posts tagged by subject) with only a 10-15 minutes of time a day. Hope this helps you keep up on the blogs we all love.