Thursday, February 28, 2013

What do You do?

No pics or lesson steps, just a request for your ideas................
You know those kids in your class that like to ask, "Mrs. Smith, is this okay?"  "Mrs. Smith, is this good?"  "Does this look good?"

On the days that my patience is less than usual, that is the question that sends tingles up my spine.

How do You answer that question? 

Okay, I fibbed.  I can't do a post without a pic.  We did Oreo sculpting a while back, and I thought this one turned out sweet. (Ha, no pun intended.)


Unknown said...

Oh boy! "You are the artist now. What do you like best about your work?"

Sometimes they are so needy, because they really don't have confidence. It is sad when kids ask me this constantly. They are surprisingly few but I still FEEL for them! I just try to get them to talk about how they feel about their work and give them very little of my own opinion so they can start relying on themselves more.

Mrs. Art Teacher said...

I often answer by asking (without sarcasm) what do you think or do you like it or do you think it is ok?

Unknown said...

Oh I find that completely irritating. I usually walk around while they work so I while ago I started telling the class "I'm walking around looking - if it's NOT good, Ill definitely tell you, don't worry about that." Seems to work.

One time the kids in a grade 4/5 class KEPT asking "is this good? is this good?" finally I said "guys, there's 24 of you. Imagine if each of you asks three times in the 40 minutes if it's good. That's almost 75 times I have to answer that question. I'm at the point where I'm going to say anything is good." They laughed, but they also laid off.

Unknown said...

I always start by saying, you are the artist, what do you think about your work. Then they really take a look and often find something that I would have pointed out as well.

Love the Oreo cookie art. I'm always surprised to see how many people use food in their classroom. We are not permitted to have food in the classrooms in our district, we can't even lunch in our rooms. I think I miss out on opportunities,that look so exciting for students.