Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Art Time

Easter Break started for us on Friday!

Our artwork celebrating the holiday.  My favorites are the Easter Lily flowers drawn by the 2nd/3rd graders & even though everyone else thinks they're beautiful....I had multiple kids extremely frustrated with their "flower drawings".  They word "ugly" was stinging my ears often during this lesson.  


When I shared with a friend that my high school students were so displeased with the "prints" they made & the fact that they couldn't get past the idea that "prints" are not supposed to look like drawings, etc.  He said to me that they haven't developed yet a sensibility that it takes to see art in that way.  Makes sense.

Ahhhhh what a beautiful feeling when the art lesson is truly one that stretches the students and takes them out of their comfort zone and they are pleased with their results.  These are the days I feel like I've won the jackpot.   (This didn't happen w/ the lilies below, but I'm not giving up.  Can't wait to try again next year:)  Hope you enjoy them.
1st Grade "Crosses on a Hill"

2nd/3rd Grade "Easter Lilies & Cross"

5th/6th Grade "Mosaic Crosses"

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