Monday, March 19, 2012

Mosaic Trees

Another idea found on Pinterest........ Loretta Grayson is the artist who inspired this lesson, I love her colorful art.  See lots here and more info. about her here.

The original on Pinterest were small square paintings that looked like they were done on canvas w/ acrylics, but after reading Loretta's blog - she uses a wonderful combination of pastels and paint, etc.  Because of resources, I decided instead to do the project as a paper mosaic.  It took 2 sessions, and I think they turned out great.
1. cover 8x8" tagboard w/ mosaic paper squares
2. draw circle on 4x4" paper, cover w/ mosaic squares on opposite side, then cut out circle.
3. draw black tree branches and glue onto circle, then glue onto background.

These were done by 5th/6th graders:)


Anne Farrell said...

These are really lovely. Will be borrowing this lesson some time soon to reinforce warm and cool colours! Thanks :)

Rett said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to this on my blog, Tisha - I love how your students have interpreted my idea!

Danielle said...

These look great! Pinned!

Pat said...

I can't wait to try this! Did you cut the small squares/tiles or did the kids cut them? Thanks!

Tisha Smith said...

Hi Pat,
I cut the squares w/ paper cutter and didn't worry about them being precise. I made 1/2 small coffee can of warm colors & 1/2 small can of cool colors. And, after 20 students used them, there were many squares left over!

Mrs. P said...

Love these! I love Loretta's work too--what a wonderful interpretation! Beautiful! I'm totally pinning this and doing it with my students! Thank you! (