Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Leaves....

Big THANKS to Mrs. Art Teacher for sharing this great lesson.
My 5th graders did their version of 2 fall leaves and it took two, 45 min. sessions.  The first session was spent practice drawing different style of leaves on scratch paper, then drawing 2 leaves with oil pastels on black.  The last part of the lesson was to color leaves and background, add the "magic white" pastel to the background color to make it glow, glue onto black background and write "Fall".

Great Job NCCS 5th Graders!


Mrs. Art Teacher said...

They look great! It's always nice to see that a lesson translates well outside of my brain and classroom to other kiddos! I am particularly partial to the last one;) Just to test my oil pastel theory...what brand did you end up using for the lesson?

Tisha Smith said...

Coincidentally, I've never used any other brand except Crayola hexagon also----the class set of those are such a great price.