Thursday, November 3, 2011

Darn, meant to post this one before Nov. 1st.....

Boy, Nov. 1st really snuck up fast this year, I'm already looking at the calendar and seeing that there might not be enough time to do the "Clay Nativity" project I was hoping to do this year....That big Thanksgiving break gets in the way of having art fun--oh well.
Here are the scarecrows completed by 6th graders in October.
First draw the top line of pants in middle of paper.
Make upside down "V" for pants inseam. Then add pant outer legs.
Right angles, up and out on left and right for shirt.
Then add circle head. And hat.
Add suspenders, and face.
Last the squiggly lines for straw neck, hands, feet.
And paint fall leaves all over the paper.....

Awesome scarecrows, NCCS 6ths Graders.

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