Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mona Lisa Mural

My students were invited to create a large piece of art for the front window of our local art store called The ArteryThe Mona Lisa seemed appropriate, so we made her using the following steps.
1.  I divided a 8x10" drawing of Mona Lisa into 24 rectangles and gave each student one of the small rectangles.
2.  The students drew a 4x4 grid onto their small rectangle piece of the Mona Lisa drawing, and a 4x4 grid onto their white 9x12" construction paper.
3.  By using the grid method, the students drew their piece of the Mona Lisa onto their 9x12" paper, then traced drawing with black marker, erased grid lines, and colored shaped with colored pencils.
4. For interest, students were told to make their drawings "mostly" warm or cool colors.

Each student was given a small rectangle piece after the drawing below was cut into 24 rectangles.
 Then the student drew a small 4x4 grid on his/her piece.
 Then drew a 4x4 grid on 9x12" paper.
 Then enlarged their original piece by drawing on the grid.
 And colored.

 She looked like this before pieces were mounted on black background and hung in the window.
Soon..........I'll go stand out in the rain and get a picture of the final installation, hopefully.  (No idea why I didn't take a pic of it after we hung it up in the window?)


Jacquelien said...


I received a Stylish blogger award, and had to give it to five other blogs. You are one of them!
If you don’t have the time to follow this up, I wouldn’t mind. This mail is just to let you know I selected your blog for it, because you have one of my favourite blogs.
You can read the full post here

Greets from Holland,

Jacquelien Bredenoord

Janelle Beaulieu said...

This looks great! Your students did an amazing job.

goldberie said...

This is gorgeous! I just found your website and am amazed at your work. I will definitely be ordering an art kit for my homeschooler. The only problem now is deciding which one.