Friday, January 21, 2011

Staff Mural Project

This idea for a staff project came from Holly and Ted who shared their staff "snowmen" projects. Or, should I say "snowperson" projects because the one I liked best was a snow-woman wearing a hula skirt and coconut bikini top!  If you didn't see the projects, here are Holly's, and here are Ted's.  Super fun stuff!

I ordered this amazing butterfly mural from Kathy and staff members decorated their parts.  It was very fun for everyone to guess who did which parts. And it was one of the highlights of our "Fine Arts Night" last night.


Unknown said...

I love it!! Now I have to try this too. Thanks for sharing it!

Unknown said...

Love this idea too! I love using a variety of media with the murals. . . never occurred to me! Want to try it too!

Kathy said...

Your butterfly mural turned out beautiful. You have a talented staff at your school.