Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inspired by Van Gogh Sunflowers

Vase with 12 sunflowersImage via Wikipedia

For this lesson we used Van Gogh's famous painting of a vase with sunflowers. I love to use this painting when students complain about their "Flowers looking funny, or not perfect" because it appears as if Van Gogh purposely chose odd shaped-not perfect looking sunflowers for his painting which is now considered a masterpiece.
Step 1: Draw flowers
Step 2: Draw the "base" of the vase, then the "top" of the vase and connect with sides.
Step 3: Draw a line for the table.
Step 4: Add stems and leaves to flowers.

BIG Thanks to San Gabriel Elementary 3rd graders!!
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Phyllis said...

I love how different and yet how beautiful each one is. I am very interested in the order of how this is drawn. I would never have thought of doing it in that order but it is perfectly right, I see, for this project.
Thanks so much for sharing your talents and the talents of your students with us.

Tisha Smith said...

Thanks for the sweet comments Phyllis:)