Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fancy Sun Art

This one I found on Crystal Production's website......did you know they have free "Downloadable Lesson Plans" ?-- right here on their home page. I just love this lesson; it's one of those that doesn't take much skill, but turns out wonderful. We had to finish ours in one sitting, so I modified the lesson a bit, but you can use these steps if you have more time.

We used black or blue construction paper.
Step 1: Using a White Oil Pastel, make 4 large & simple lines that do not touch.

Step 2: Using same white pastel connect the 4 lines to each other, and connect them to sides of the page---this creates large shapes.

Step 3: Make each white line on the paper 1 inch wide with the white pastel.

Step 4: Use soft pastels or chalk to color interior border lines inside each shape.

Step 5: One a separate piece of paper, same color as your background (blue or black) draw and color a sun with soft pastel or chalk.
Step 6: Cut and attach sun to background with thick double-sided tape, this makes it pop off the page - which makes the kids smile. (If the tape doesn't stick to the chalk, put dots of glue on the back of the tape too.)
Thanks Paige!!
Thanks Hobie!!
Thanks Molly!!

Thanks Michelle!!

Thanks Johnathon!!

Thanks Isaac!!
Thanks Hannah!!


Mrs. Hahn said...

Very fun! Very colorful! I bet very messy! I love it. Thanks as always of sharing!

Phyl said...

I just checked out those Crystal Productions lesson plans, and randomly picked one to peek at - I think it was called Crazy Cactus or something like that, and it was totally cool! Thanks for the hint... too many ideas, not enough time! :-)

Tisha Smith said...

Hi Phyl - Yes, I very much relate!(Too many ideas and not enough time.) Tisha

MrBibleHead said...

Very cool! Love the creative spectrum of colors and fun. Nice work Johnathon!