Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blue & Rose Period

'PabloImage via Wikipedia

For this lesson we talked about Picasso's Blue and Rose Periods. Then we talked about color values.
The students were given old calendars w/ animals, chose an animal, then traced it onto white paper. In order to trace the pictures, students taped the calendar page up to the window to create a "lightbox" effect. This makes tracing much easier.

Students then chose either a blue or red palette for their animal. Working light to dark.
Lastly, the students painted a simple background.

After tracing their animals, students created light, medium and dark blue or red to be used for painting their animal.

If you like this lesson because of its emphasis on painting "values", check out my $6 downloadable PDF lesson on "The Great Wave". It comes with step by step intstructions, color picture samples, and a blue value chart to share with your students.

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