Friday, October 16, 2009

Mondrian Art

Anonymous. Piet Mondrian and P├ętro (Nelly) van...Image via Wikipedia

Piet Mondrian, Netherlands 1872-1944

Materials: white paper, thin strips of black paper, paint, glue.
First - We glued the black strips onto the white paper.
Second - We drew the design on a scratch piece of paper, and placed Y's, B's, R's, and W's in the shapes we wanted to be Yellow, Blue, Red, and White.

(It was very fun watching students puzzle over the decisions of where they wanted their colors. Erasing and rearranging. Seeing brains ticking makes me giddy.)

Third - We painted the shapes.

This picture shows the student's scratch paper too, where he noted his color choices for the shapes. (Great exercise for the older students, not necessary for the wee little ones.)

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