Monday, October 19, 2009

Lily Time....

Bee over waterlilyImage by aussiegall via Flickr

When I hear the name Monet, I can't help but think LILIES!
For this lesson our goal was to give the "Impression" of just a moment in a lily pond. A view that looks as if it were captured for just a moment before the wind blew and the water rippled.
First we drew lilies and background w/ crayon, then we did blue watercolor wash on top. Lastly, shadows of blue-green were added. Love the way this student added white crayon slashes around the paper. It looks like rain. After the blue wash, he added some purple and green splatters.
This student decided to add the footbridge in crayon also, very fun. And I think his blue wash came out very interesting.

This one was super fun to watch progress. She worked so quickly with her crayons and created beautiful depth at the edge of the pond, great shadows too.
(In case you're wondering, yes, she's an older student.)

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rachaelnz said...

They are absolutely beautiful! I love your blog, it is filling me with inspiration for my homeschool art lessons. Recently, we visited a private girl's school near us who had put on their own Monet exhibition. Check out my blogpost about it if you like.

Tisha Smith said...

Oooohhhh thanks! Looking forward to seeing it:)