Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nature Sketchbook

Cross-hatchImage by cobalt123 via Flickr

Nature Sketchbook Lesson:

We started by talking about shadows and looking for an object's shadow when placed on white paper. We discovered that the shadow is darkest at the point where it touches the object and the shadow gets lighter the farther away it is from the object. Then we experimented shading, hatch and cross-hatch lines for shadows. Nature objects were given to each table group. We make a big deal about respecting the objects because they're real and fragile. (By the way, the lizard below is dead. I live in the country and flat dead lizards are surprisingly easy to come by??? The boys love them along with the bird and gopher skulls. I also make a point of sharing with the students that I never "steal" a nest or an egg. All my objects have been found on the ground and obviously abandoned.)

Beautiful feather with fabulous shadows, Clio!

Super thanks to summer art kids:
Clio, Bijou, Julia, Jennifer, Paige, Lizzy, Sam, Kahler, Leilanna, Johnathan, Michelle,
Molly , Drew , Haddie

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