Saturday, July 18, 2009

Colorful Sweets

Easy Fun Cupcakes (These kind have no calories too!)
First get familiar with the 3 parts of the cupcake. Practice drawing all 3 parts on scratch paper.

Then make a background table by gluing contrasting color construction paper on bottom half of background paper.

Cut out cupcake pieces. Here we used wrapping paper for the wrappers on the cupcakes.

The collage cupcakes were quick, so we had time to paint some too.
(Thanks to Mrs. Smith's summer artists; Joshua, Kahler and Paige.)


Anonymous said...

These turned out just great! This project would be helpful for people designing their children's own party invites too. Well done summer artists!

Tisha Smith said...

Party invites, how fun!
Thanks, Carly:)