Saturday, October 12, 2013

Taste Testing Art Brands?

Fall has arrived and I think that I like fall art ideas the best out of all the other seasons.  Every year I have such a hard time deciding which projects to do with my students.  Too many good ones to choose from thanks to all of you who keep on posting fabulous lessons!

Even though it's fall, it felt like Christmas a while back when I received a package from Dixon Ticonderoga/ Prang.  With pleasure some of my art students tested the art supplies in the package and they found that some were definitely better than others.  It was fun recording their comments.

 Prang watercolors on the left were voted brighter and better than Crayola watercolors .  The other plus was that the Prang watercolors came in a palette were each color could be popped out and you could put in refills of the color needed.
Although the paint was voted better, the brush that came with Prang set lost bristles in the water when swished around the first time.  But, even with the loss of bristles, the brush was a soft and a bigger than the Crayola brush.

Prang colored pencils were extremely better than Rose Art colored pencils.  It was noted that with the RoseArt pencils, "You have to push down really hard to draw with them and the colors still are not bright."
The Prang colored pencils laid down a "thick layer of color", "even the black colored pencil shows up on the black construction paper".  These colored pencils will be the ones that the student fight over..........

Prang markers were voted brighter and prettier, but one of the testers felt that the Prang markers seeped through the paper too much.  The Crayola markers were lighter and even though they were new, the red lost some color after using it for not too long.  When one student opened the Prang Marker box. she exclaimed, "These are fancy!"

Thanks Dixon Ticonderoga/Prang!  
Glad to share that your art products are superior to others on the market.

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