Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Art 2012 - RoundUp!

Here are the art lessons I had fun sharing with my students during the month of December.  I teach at a Christian school and December is a very special month.

Kinder/1st Grade painted a starry night sky and pasted this poem on the bottom (ha, not really pasted, we used glue they even make that thick smelly white paste I used as a kid soooooo many years ago?)
A bright star lit the heavens
To light the Magi's way
To the baby in the manger
Who was born on Christmas day
Materials used:
white construction paper
blue and white tempera paint
q-tips for white stars
yellow construction paper stars

2nd Grade made poinsettia flowers and glued this poem at the bottom:
At Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
Let's keep in mind the truth of Christmas Day
It's our gift of love to others, in every way
Materials used:
construction paper
we also used scrapbook paper for added interest in the green leaves
glue & glitter

3rd/4th grade made these awesome Moulding Trees and you can find more info. here.

5th grade painted angels.
They drew in pencil, outlined with black crayon, and painted with watercolors.

And Lastly 6th grade made Mini Manger Silhouettes.
We used canvas and acrylics.  Students did a practice silhouette first on paper same size as canvas.

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