Saturday, November 24, 2012


Are owls more popular now than they were in the 70's?  I remember making LOTS of macrame owls back then, hmmmmmm what did all those people do with those macrame owls I made for them Christmas?

My Kinder/1st graders made these owls.  Lots of cutting and tracing prep, but it was worth it.  Even with all the pre-made parts, it still took two full periods.
Here are the materials that the students received for the project:
 1st Day - Each child received white construction paper w/ owl parts already traced on it.
2nd Day - Each child received black background paper, grey paper w/ tree branches already traced, 2 yellow eyes, 2 black eyes, 2 feet, 1 beak, 1 moon traced.

Here's the order we used:
1st Day
1.  Traced outlines on owl parts and added feathers and face features with crayon.
2.  Painted all owl parts with watercolors.

2nd Day
3.  Cut & glue tree parts onto background.
4.  Cut & glue owl parts onto background.
5.  Glue face parts onto owl.
6. Cut & glue moon onto background.


D. Zorn said...

I like these owls! Nice idea! I will try it in my art class the next week! :)

D. Zorn said...

I like these owls! I will try these in my art class next week!

Maro Oikonomou said...

I love this craft! You have a very nice blog I'm glad I found you! Have a nice day!