Saturday, October 27, 2012

Owls for fall.....

My 6th grade class did Owl Drawings last week.  We used black construction paper and chalk pastels.  Also, I decided to tape down the sides on a back board to keep the edges of the drawing clean.  This created a nice black border.  I love the borders on artwork when the blue tape is used.  Funny though, because the kids never seem to be as impressed with the difference between "with or without" a border, as I am.  They're more focused on their art, as it should be.  Kids always teaching us what's important and what's not, eh!

Found this on Pinterest, but sad to say I can't find the link now?  But here's a link to some more inspirational OWLS.

Thanks NCCS 6th Graders!!

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Elizabeth said...

They do look great with the border - good presentation is everything! I love how they have worked their backgrounds too - nice variety! :)